There are 4 kinds of Maca presentation:

Raw Roots

The raw root is poorly digestible and ineffective because poorly assimilable and are only very rarely found in Europe.

Maca Flour

Very common, sold under different labels, in bulk or in capsules. The flour (Bio) is ineffective if it is not boiled and also totally indigestible. It is the raw material that will allow gelatinization or hydro-alcohol extraction. Its price is obviously lower.

Gelatinized Maca

Gelatinization consists of heating the Maca and melting its own pectin (vegetable gelatin) which makes it digestible, efficient and allows to make tablets without capsule. No external components or animal gelatin are involved in the gelatinization process.

The Atomized Extract of Maca

It is a hydro-alcoholic extraction of the active ingredients of Maca. The concentration is much higher than in the gelatinized preparation and its efficacy is more than tenfold. Most scientific studies have been carried out with gelatinized Maca (ETH Zurich 2011). More recently the hydro alcoholic extract of black Maca is used mainly to increase fertility with a single daily intake. Uni Partners is in contact with recognized producers (Hersil, Cayetano Heredia University) and is surrounded by medical scientists in Switzerland and Peru (Prof. Gustavo Gonzalez) Uni Partners offers quality Maca extracts most other products do not compete with. Its products are patented in Switzerland and Peru Uni Partners Guarantees a traditional production by producers and a Peruvian company recognized under the permanent control of the University Cayetano Heredia. Maca 4000 has the label “USDA Organic” The transport is monitored from Lima to Geneva and the product is subject to controls at the arrival. Storage and distribution are guaranteed and controlled by Uni Partners Sàrl.